Imbued with air, fire, water, and stone,
The Strangers will make the land shutter and groan.
Brought through mist and shadows,
They will free the lord of whispers and moans.
Only through an action that is dark and depraved,
The Strangers will give the Whispered Tyrant untold power through death.
For redemption they must find the broken relic from the Shining Crusade,
A compass that will guide them without breath,
And petition and must be found worthy by the Lady of Death.
Traveling through time and space,
The Strangers will spin the yarn of their own fate.
They will go through pain and toil to find the end place,
The Strangers must stop the Whispering Tyrant before it is too late,
For ultimate power will be his and will cover the worlds in an unending deathly embrace.

- Book of 1,000 Whispers

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