Return of the Whispering Tyrant

Session 1

A Simple Job...

The party consisting of Cirrus Nimbus (Sylph Rogue/Witch), Shiloh “Squeaks” Raton (Human Urban Ranger), Tame Corvus (Tengu Philosopher Cleric), and Markus Isgarson (Human Fighter) work for the thieves guild in the city of Kerse. They take a job from the guild to infiltrate the party of a merchant lord and steal a jeweled scabbard.

The party decided to split up. Cirrus and Squeaks take the Thieves Highway (roofs) to sneak into the merchant lord’s mansion. Tame and Markus plan to do reconnaissance and prepare to come up with a distraction if Cirrus and Squeaks need it.

Cirrus and Squeaks make it inside of the mansion by sneaking into the attic. They bypass traps. They see that the upper floor is well guarded and will need to have Markus and Tame come up with a distraction. While Cirrus and Squeaks sneak into the mansion, Tame and Markus through some fast talking and some guild contacts enter the party. They collect information and await the predetermined signal to run a distraction for their companions. They soon hear it and start a huge brawl. Most of the guards on the top floor run down with only two remaining behind. Cirrus and Squeaks carefully sneak unnoticed by the guards and search the two rooms located on the floor. In the first room they find a broken gun under the bed and nothing else. In the second room, they open the door and see a large rat with glowing eyes. Cirrus throws his spear at the creature but misses. The creature changes into a bat and vanishes from sight. The quickly discover the jeweled scabbard. They quickly bypass the deadly trap and take it. They also discover a lockbox. They try to disarm the trap and unlock it. They didn’t realize that the trap was not disarmed so when they unlocked it and opened the safe, the alarm spell went off. The quickly grab the bag that was located in the safe and run out of the room and climb up to the attic with the guards at their heels. They make it to the roof and are able to sneak away before they are caught.

The group meets back at the thieves guild and deliver the jeweled scabbard to their Nightwarden, Trevor Hull, a lieutenant that they report to in the guild. He rewards them with gold and let them go. They then meet at the Swift Wind Tavern where they go through the bag that they pilfered from the house. The bag turns out to be a bag of holding. Within it they pull out a powerful bastard sword among some other minor magical items. The fighter takes the sword. While in the mansion, Cirrus also found ledgers of trade routes, schedules and names that to the right buyer is worth a fortune. They take these ledgers to the Thieves guild fence. He realizes the wealth of the ledgers and offers powerful shadow armor to each member of the group.

A few days later they are called by the Nightmaster, officer that leads the Nightwardens. He gives the group a sealed document and tells them that they must take this document to his operative in the city of Elidir in the country of Isgar. They soon set out of the city, and follow the road to Elidir. Soon at dusk they are covered in a deep mist. They travel for a while through the mist. The deeper they travel through the mist, a mysterious pressure burdens their minds. The group soon travels through the mist and find themselves by a lake that shouldn’t be there. They look up and see that there are no stars and the moon looks darker than usual. They soon realize that the land around them is not familiar. They also noticed that Tame was no longer with them.



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