Return of the Whispering Tyrant

Session 2

From the Mist...

Finding that they were in a strange place, the group sets up camp after a long day of travel. The next day, they set out on the wagon they had. A short while after they meet a traveler on the dirt road they are following. Swaying to and fro, they see that is a pregnant woman in a state of delirium and exhaustion. They try to communicate with her but she speaks a strange language. Cirrus, using his linguistic expertise, figures that she is speaking a language that hasn’t been speaking in centuries, High Azlanti.

They continue to travel on the dirt road which meets up with an ancient flagstone. Far to the west they see a volcanic mountain range that bellow smoke and ash. The cobblestone travels from the southwest to the northeast. The woman, getting some of her wits back, indicates to the northeast. They continue to travel and Cirrus is able figure some words and phrases. He learns her name is Marit from the city of Tor Gorak. She was looking for her husband Victor who did not return with his troop who was fighting the forces of the Whispering One. No one in the party has ever heard of the city, any wars going on, nor any one called the Whispering One.

Later that day they see a human fighting shadows. The group rushes up and help the human battle the shadows. After defeating the shadows, the human thanks them and introduces himself as Eustace Thistlebeard, dwarf from the Five Kings Mountains and cleric of Torag. The group looks at him in confusion and he just states that he is just tall for a dwarf. He is just as lost as they are and so they decide to join up and continue to travel on the

They stop for the night and rest.

They continue to travel the following day. By midmorning the group comes up to what looks to be solders on the road. Many lay dead or dying. Terrible greenish leaking wounds cover all of the solders. Marit goes down and seems to question the suffering solders, but they just shake their heads. Eustace appraises the wounds and they seem to suffer from a deadly plague. He goes to one of the solders and cast Cure Disease. The wounds disappears and the man is grateful. The rest of the solders see this and try to gather around the cleric but they all soon die of their wounds. The surviving solder, who Cirrus soon figures out to be named Barik, joins them on their way to Tor Vorak. Cirrus, using his skills with linguistics, figures out that Barik is part of the Army of General Kas. They are fighting the undead minions of the Whispering One who’s domain is beyond the volcano range. They were fighting the undead when these great fearsome machines rolled up and emitted a noise that opened wounds and infected the soldiers.

They made camp that evening. Eustace checked on Marit and noticed that she was under the affect of some type of drug, though it was wearing out. Sitting around the campfire that night, they were soon attacked by robed men with wicked daggers. The robed men tried to grab on to Marit but the group was able to fend them off, killing all but two who escaped into the woods. After the battle Marik collapse in shock and the rest of the group set up guard. The rest of the night was uneventful.

The following day they finally reached the city of Tor Vorak.



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