Return of the Whispering Tyrant

Session 3

In the city of Tor Gorak...

The group meet with the city guards at the gate. They halt the group and shout at them. The group does not understand what they are saying. Barik responds back to the guard and in short order they are let in the city. Soon after crossing the gate Barik separates from the group, Cirrus deciphering that he needed to report back to his superiors. Marit speaks and indicates to a certain direction. Cirrus figures that she is indicating to the home of her Uncle Vocar. They ride through the empty streets of the city, which the group finds strange due to it being midmorning and in most cities, the streets would be full of people traveling about. They reach a large, yet plain, building and Marit indicates to stop. She is helped down the wagon and waddles to the door and knocks. The rest of the group follow her and as they reach the door, a tall older man opens the door. His dour face changes to one of relief at the sight of Marit. They speak and the older man takes several glaces at the group. She enters the house and the man speaks with the group in the strange language. The older man then seems to say some words and Eustace recognizes them as a divine prayer. The man then speaks again, but this time the group is able to understand him. He thanks them for saving his niece. He recommends that they stay at the one inn in town and excuses himself. Before he shuts the door, Squeaks notices that he has a black mark on his face from some type of ink. Cirrus does not trust the man. He quietly sneaks around the house, climbs up the rough stone wall and gets on the room. Using his spear, he pokes a hole in the ceiling hoping to see Marit but instead sees the eye of the uncle staring back at him. Cirrus quickly gets off the roofs and the group hurries aways.

Walking down the empty streets of the strange city they quickly realize they are being followed. Before they can do anything a group of uniformed guards surrounds them, many holding crossbows and swords. They speak in the strange tongue as well but the group is able to understand that these guards want them to follow. The group agrees to go into custody.

They travel to a well fortified fort withing the city. They enter the walls and see guards training in the courtyard. They also see another large gate that leads to a road that go to a very large castle that is built on a plateau in the heart of the city. They are ushered inside a tall keep. They are relieved of their weapons and taken into what appears to be an spare room with 4 chairs. As soon as they sit, the chains attached to the chairs come alive and clamp themselves to the prisoners. As soon as they click on, Cirrus and Eustace realize they no longer have access to their spells. The guards start asking them questions in their strange language. Cirrus figures that they are inquiring on who they are, where they come from, if they’ve seen the shard, if they are spies for the Whispering One. This goes on for a while. After a bit, one leaves and soon returns with another man that has a cart with a hot brazier and several implements that the group quickly deduces that are torture devices. Everyone tries to break free of their chains. Cirrus completely breaks free while Squeaks is able so free her hand and Eustace frees one of his legs. Cirrus knocks the brazer on the cart over on the torture while Squeaks grabs at a sword of one of the guards standing next to her and uses it to hit another guard. Markus smashes the chair he is on and uses the chains to hit a guard. Eustace finally frees himself of his chains. He realizes that he now has access to his gods power he readies a spell when they all hear the sharp command coming from the entrance of the room. Everyone turns and they see a tall, stern man in a crisp uniform glaring at them all. Next to him stands a very old man in robes wearing a circlet. The guards stand at attention so the group stops engaging them. The old man speaks to the stern man. The stern man nods once and the old man indicates to the group to follow him. The guards release those characters that still have chains on them and escort the group with the old man out of the building. Before leaving, they are given back their weapons reluctantly. Once outside, which is early morning which means that the group has been questioned for most of the night, the man hurries away from the grim keep. Cirrus asks who he is and the old man responds back mentally to the entire group. He introduces himself as Varianis. He is great friends with Marit and she was worried for them being strangers in the city. Varianis being curious explained that he wanted to see who these strangers were and inquired about them. He soon found out that they were imprisoned by the law of the city who he calls the Daggers. They are the enforcers of Lord Kaz, ruler of Tovag in which the city of Tor Gorak is its capital. He tells them of that the city is ruled by the Dagger’s iron fist. They have curfew, break into homes looking for illegal items such as books. It is against the law to read or write. He also shares with them his distrust of Marit’s uncle though he is not in a position to question the man’s sudden interest in Marit.



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