Gem of Dwarven Spirit


Acts as a Belt of Dwarvenkind that transforms (through Alter Self spell effect) the wearer to the general body shape of a dwarf. The belt also grants the wearer dwarven weapon familiarity and dwarven base speed. The wearer also grows a rich full beard if they didn’t have one already.


There was a dwarf by the name of Ligdan Foebreaker that lived in the early days of Amar’dur. He was a great dwarven warrior and smith. He was friend to the Knight of Ozem and was caught in the blast that sent those on the battlefield at the time of Tar-Baphon’s banishment. He went with the elves seeing the evil in Arnisant’s heart and lived among them for many years. Due to the fact he was the only dwarf in Mor’Arda, he was afraid of that the dwarven spirit would fade from this land when he laid his hammer down for the last time. So, he and the elven smithmage Veronhir created this gem, capturing the spirit of the dwarf to be bequeathed to the person who was worthy of carrying that spirit. This gem was given to Eustace Thislebeard by Felrohir, Elder and Master of Armory and Weaponry of the city of Amar’dur.

Gem of Dwarven Spirit

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