Ring and Collar of Shared Hearts


The ring and the collar links the ranger and their animal companion as Companion Mind Link spell continuously except that instead of telepathically communicating within line of sight, the range extends out five miles. The animal companion and ranger also get a +1 to AC (to natural armor) and Saving Throws and can activate Greater Magic Fang 1/day.


Previous owners were a Ran’Meathor Guardian named Ehlanna and her animal companion Halas the Hawk. They died defending Amar’dur from the forces of Kazaven of the Nine Deaths. Her father, Elder Elemmírë Súrion, Master Jeweler and Artificer of Amar’dur. He rewarded Squeaks and Collywabbles after they helped saving Cennenhir from death at the hand of Helgrinde, Dread Ghost Lord of Cavitius.

Ring and Collar of Shared Hearts

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