Spear of Lightning Strikes

Sharda Spear +2 of Shock

weapon (melee)

1d8+2 +1d6 electrical damage
The shaft of the spear is made from an unknown wood that the elves have called Sharda “Wind’s Blow”. It is an extremely light, flexible and responsive wood that its CMD is +2 higher for the purpose of avoiding sunder attempts. It also allows the wielder to use the weapon finesse feat.


This spear belonged to a warrior monk who fought alongside the Knights of Ozem during the Shining Crusade. He was called the Shocking Wind. He died in the battle against Tar-Baphon legions but his spear was picked up by one of the knights at the battle who was then brought to Mor’Arda. In time it was wielded by an elven warrior mage named Rithil Anárion who revolted against Arnisant along with Syn’therian and Cennenhir. He founded both the orders of the Akh’Fearn and the Ran’Meathor in the hidden elven city of Amar’dur.

Spear of Lightning Strikes

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